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DIVISION SPORTS is in business of sports gloves since 1970.It made cycling gloves Exclusively till 1982 but later diverted into manufacturing of Motorcycle gloves and garments and other line of sporting gloves at persuasion of a few of our customers, who used to deal in sporting goods, beside cycling gloves. The new range attracted such an overwhelming response that in later years, it gradually became specializes in this new line.

DIVISION SPORTS quality is the order of the day. We may not be cheaper in price but we are definitely better in quality.

The Leather is keenly selected before careful cutting of either garments or gloves to best of shape and fit as per European patterns and size charts. Much attention is paid to neat stitching and panels where there is stress during ride, are double stitched.

The products shown in these pages are mere example of our capabilities but we can go much further in meeting your standards and requirements, since we have the set-up and knowledge of the trade. We wish you to get benefit out of our expertise.

You're encouraged to contact us with confidence and we assure you in return of our best services. Our approach would be to not let your confidence down, in any respect.

Looking forward to your best cooperation and business.

Sincerely yours,


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Division Sports
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